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    Peakgate Oy offers project management consulting services for its customers. Our services are based on extensive experience and professional approach to project management and technical consulting in various technology areas.

    We act as project managers and consultants in large scale IT-, other technology- and business development projects. We support you in all phases of a project, or for example audit a project and establish a plan for corrective actions. Our consultants are working with various customers, supporting sales, IT managers and operational- and HR organizations. Our main drivers are our personnel's expertise, effectiveness of company operations and professional way of working.

  • Our Services

    Project Management

    Experienced project planning and management.

    Planning and managing your projects, from project initiation to deploying to maintenance. With our help you get realistic plans and your projects stay within schedule, scope and budget.


    Helping you with every phase of the project lifecycle.

    Business case and pre-project planning; RFQ/RFP, tenders and vendor selection process; contracting; project auditing, status analyzing and corrective action planning; getting projects back on track.
  • Experience

    Certified Project Managers (IPMA-C) with minimum 10 years experience on Project Management and ICT industry.

    Branch of industries and projects

    • Telecom, Manufacturing, Finance and Insurance industries
    • ICT product and application development projects
    • eCommerce, portal and documentation management projects
    • ERP, CRM and Billing System projects
    • Semiconductor technical consulting
    • Large scale, international multi-vendor deployment and implementation project planning and management
    • ITIL programs
    • Business processes development projects
    • Identity and access management (IDM/IAM) projects
  • Technology

    We in Peakgate believe that managing projects is more about people than technology. However, understanding technology helps to understand people. Some examples of technologies, tools and vendor platforms we have used in our latest projects.

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    Peakgate Oy
    Vääkilänkaari 1
    FIN-03400 Vihti

    Niko Oksanen
    Co-Founder, CEO, Consultant
    +358 40 7610427
    Jari Mikkonen
    Co-Founder, Consultant
    +358 50 5770000

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